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5 Best Welding Carts Reviewed 2019

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A MIG welder and gas cylinder are heavy pieces of equipment, often with a combined weight of over 100 lbs. The best way to securely keep these together in your workshop and have the ability to move them about is with a welding cart. A good welding cart will have enough room for all your equipment, be study and easy to maneuver. Below are our top picks and a buyers guide to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Miller Millermatic 141 Review

Miller Millermatic 141 Review


The Miller Millermatic 141 is a more modern 120V welder that was created as a replacement to the already popular Millermatic 140. This was created for hobbyists and professionals with the goal of excellent user experience and state of the art control. This welder can be used on a range of DIY, autobody, manufacturing and art projects.

14 Best MIG Welders 2019 Reviews

MIG welders can be used for a range of projects including¬†autobody work, hobby welding, maintaining equipment or a huge number of other things. MIG welding is often chosen as a preferred technique as it produces good quality welds, it’s easy to learn, and does not cost a lot of money. Updated 23 July 2019