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10 Best Angle Grinders in 2019

Angle grinders are a really useful welding tool and you’ll find in almost every metalworking shop. They’re a handheld tool that uses consumable discs to cut metal, smooth a weld, remove rust and grind grooves in your metal.

When MIG or TIG welding, you’ll need to prepare your metal so that you’re welding on a clean surface and you’ll want to clean up the weld afterward so it looks neat and smooth. An angle grinder is the perfect tool to help you out and will save you hours of manual work!

Best Welding Helmet Reviews

If you’re welding, then safety gear is of paramount important. One of the things that you NEED is a welding helmet to protect your eyes from the arc. The UV rays that are emitted from the arc can cause serious problems with your eyesight if you don’t wear a helmet.

We’ve listed our top 10 welding helmets on the market today at a range of prices. All of these welding helmets are auto-darkening, which are our favorite type of welding helmet. Auto-darkening means that the lens does not have a fix shade and you can keep it on for different welding processes. The sensors in the helmet will automatically increase or lower the shade of the lens depending on the welding process, so they’re much more versatile. We’ve also written a buyers guide to show you how we chose our top 10 which you can see below to help you choose the perfect welding helmet for you needs.

The Complete Guide of How to Stick Weld (SMAW)

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Stick welding (SMAW or Shielded Metal Arc Welding) is one of the most popular welding processes along with MIG and TIG. It’s a simple procedure that is popular with outdoor welders due to it not being affected by wind – unlike MIG and TIG welding which uses gas cylinders. Our full guide will teach you the advantages and disadvantages of stick welding, how to set up for stick welding, stick welding processes and troubleshooting tips.