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Cool and Unique Gift Ideas for Welders

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a welder? If your partner, family member or friend is a welder and has a birthday coming up then you might look at getting a cool welding gift for them. 

If you want something a bit different to the stuff you’ll usually find down your welding store, this guide shows some of the best gifts for welders from across the internet with lots of affordable options under $20.

5 Best Welding Carts Reviewed 2020

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A MIG welder and gas cylinder are heavy pieces of equipment, often with a combined weight of over 100 lbs. The best way to securely keep these together in your workshop and have the ability to move them about is with a welding cart. A good welding cart will have enough room for all your equipment, be study and easy to maneuver. Below are our top picks and a buyers guide to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Best Welder for Beginners

If you’re a beginner welder or looking to buy your first welder, you’ll probably want something that’s inexpensive, easy to use, gets good results and doesn’t have loads of unnecessary features or power. We’ve selected our top welders for beginners based on this criteria.

The best welders for beginners are MIG welders that run off 120v power because they’re easy to use and you can run them off your standard household power source. We’ve also included the best stick welder for beginners and the best TIG welder for beginners in our top picks, in case you’re looking to branch out into one of those welding processes.