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MIG Welding Gas Selection

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MIG Welding Gas Selection

MIG welding with shielding gas helps produce high quality welds as you prevent the weld pool from being exposed to elements in the atmosphere which will contaminate the weld and produce weld defects including porosity and spatter.

There are different types of MIG welding gas to choose from, all suitable to different requirements. This guide explains how to find the right shielding gas mix by explaining the gases available and their properties.

Best Welding Tables

A great table makes welding so much more enjoyable as you have designated, stable workspace where you can work. If you’ve thought about building your own table and priced it up, you’ll realise for the time it takes to build, plus the cost of the metal, you might as well buy a ready-made welding table. Especially with some of the great value options out there.

Here we look at our favorite welding tables on the market, including portable tables for small workshops and larger professional tables.

How Much do Welders Make Annually?

Welding is a great profession to get into and can help you earn a good annual salary. The average salary in 2019 of welders in most states is over $40,000, which is quite a bit higher than the overall average salary for all industries in the USA. The annual welder salaries tend to range from about $30,000 – $60,000, with the majority around the $40,000 mark. Welding isn’t an easy job, you can work long hours pipe welding with early mornings getting hot inside your helmet. However, it can be a fun, rewarding and lucrative career choice.