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Best Benchtop and Floor Standing Drill Presses

Best Benchtop and Floor Standing Drill Presses

A drill press is a machine used to cut holes into metal, wood and other materials. Drill presses come in various shapes and sizes, including floor standing units, benchtop drill presses and magnetic drill presses. Most drill presses are operated by turning a handle which moves the head of the machine with a drill attached down into the work piece.

If you already know which type of drill press you’re looking for, choose one of the quick links below. If not, read more below about the different types of drill press and see our full buyers guide to find the best one for your needs whether you’re a woodworker or welder. Updated 6th March 2020

Useful Welding Tools and Accessories

Aside from your primary welding tools such as the welder and your safety equipment, there are lots of other small tools that will help you out when welding. To get the best results you’ll want to have tools that can help hold your metal in place while you weld, and mark the metal you’re using. If you’re creating slag you’ll also need tools to clean it up afterwards. Here’s our list of useful welding tools that will help you and are good to have around the workshop.

Best Welding Safety Glasses Shades 14, 12, 10, 5, 3

Many beginner welders don’t realize the damage that can be caused to the eyes by not wearing the sufficient welding safety equipment. The welding arc produces harmful radiation which can damage the eyes and cause the unpleasant “welders flash.” Safety glasses are a way of blocking out UV light and infrared wavelengths emitted from the welding arc. Welding glasses are great because they also protect the eyes from any flying debris and can help reduce irritation from fumes. Updated March 4th 2020