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Best Stick Welders 2021

by John Ward 2 Comments

Stick welding is a popular type of welding that is a great choice if you’re welding outdoors in windy conditions. It’s pretty simple to learn, you can use it on rusty items, and you won’t need any gas. There are loads of stick welders on the market so we’ve picked our favorites and listed them below. 

Best Welding Helmets (Auto-Darkening) 2021 Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

by John Ward 1 Comment

If you’re welding, then safety gear is of paramount important. One of the things that you NEED is a welding helmet to protect your eyes from the arc. The UV rays that are emitted from the arc can cause serious problems with your eyesight if you don’t wear a helmet.

We’ve listed our top 10 welding helmets on the market today at a range of prices. All of these welding helmets are auto-darkening, which are our favorite type of welding helmet. Auto-darkening means that the lens does not have a fix shade and you can keep it on for different welding processes. The sensors in the helmet will automatically increase or lower the shade of the lens depending on the welding process, so they’re much more versatile. We’ve also written a buyers guide to show you how we chose our top 10 which you can see below to help you choose the perfect welding helmet for you needs.