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National Welding Month April 2021: 10 Ways to Support

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April is National Welding Month. Every year since 1996 National Welding Month has been an opportunity to promote and celebrate the achievements of the welding industry. It’s also a crucial time to raise awareness of job opportunities for young people in an industry that is facing a shortage of hundreds of thousands of skilled welding professionals. We need to inspire new welders and keep the industries thriving that rely on them.

Best Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch Kits 2021

Oxy-fuel cutting kits are a great addition to your workshop. One piece of kit can give you the ability to cut steel, heat nuts and bolts, or braze copper pipe. These kits are all primary designed for oxy-acetylene, which is quicker at cutting than propane because they burn a lot hotter and is better suited for welding.

This guide goes through the best cutting torch kits on the market and explains the pros and cons of each with a full buyer’s guide below.

Best Multi Process Welders (Reviews and Buyers Guide 2021)

Different welding jobs require different welding processes. If you think you might work with all three main types of welding process, then a multi process welder is definitely worth the money. It will save you money as you get one machine to do three processes instead of three separate machines for three processes. They also use up much less space in your workshop, which is important if you only have a small workspace or want a portable all-round unit.

All the multi process welders listed can perform MIG, TIG and Stick.

10 Best Angle Grinders in 2021

Angle grinders are a really useful welding tool and you’ll find in almost every metalworking shop. They’re a handheld tool that uses consumable discs to cut metal, smooth a weld, remove rust and grind grooves in your metal.

When MIG or TIG welding, you’ll need to prepare your metal so that you’re welding on a clean surface and you’ll want to clean up the weld afterward so it looks neat and smooth. An angle grinder is the perfect tool to help you out and will save you hours of manual work!