How Much do Welders Make Annually?

Welding is a great profession to get into and can help you earn a good annual salary. The average salary in 2019 of welders in most states is over $40,000, which is quite a bit higher than the overall average salary for all industries in the USA. The annual welder salaries tend to range from about $30,000 – $60,000, with the majority around the $40,000 mark. Welding isn’t an easy job, you can work long hours pipe welding with early mornings getting hot inside your helmet. However, it can be a fun, rewarding and lucrative career choice.

Average Salary for Welding Jobs

The United States Labor Department reported that in 2019 there were 410,750 people employed in the welding, cutting soldering and brazing industry. The mean hourly wage for these employees was $21.73/hour with a mean annual wage of $45,190

The median annual salary was $42,490, with the lowest 10% percentile earning $28,560 annually ($14.17/hour) and the highest 10% percentile earning $64,240 ($30.89/hour).

Where is the Highest Pay?

The highest average pay for welders is in Alaska, Wyoming, Washington, Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado and North Dakota. You’ll find many of these to be high demand pipeline welder jobs that are needed to transport oil from the region, hence their high salaries.

welder salary by state

Starting Salary

Starting salaries to welders tends to be in the lower percentiles but will improve as you get more experiences. You should expect between $14 and $18 per hour when you start out. The annual salary typically starts at around $28,000.

Where to Find the Most Welding Jobs

You’ll find a lot of welding jobs situated along the coast where there are job opportunities in shipbuilding. As you can see below, California, Texas, Florida and North Carolina have many jobs available in the welding industry.

welder employment by state

Hopefully, this gives you an indication of what you can make by being a welder. Some welders even make over $100,000 a year! There’s still plenty of opportunities available so it’s a good industry to get into. If you see welding as more of a hobby, don’t forget to check out our guides to help you master your MIG, TIG and Stick welders!

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