Lincoln PowerMIG 210MP Review

Lincoln PowerMIG 210MP Review


The Lincoln 210 is a fantastic performance welder which is versatile and easy to use for MIG, FCAW, Stick and TIG welding. The on screen display has simple instructions which allow you to simply key in your variables (metal thickness, gas mix and wire thickness) and it will set the amps, wire speed and voltage.

lincoln powermig 210Specifications:

1. Brand name: Lincoln
2. Model:  PowerMIG 210 MP, K-3963-1
3. Height: 14 in.
4. Length: 19 in.
5. Width: 10.8 in.
6. Duty Cycle: 40% @ 100A, 25% @ 200A
7. Input Voltage: 115V/230V
8. Process Type: Flux Core, MIG, Stick, TIG
9. Product weight: 40 lb.
10. Weld Thickness: 24 ga. – 3/8 in.
11. Wire Feed Speed Range:  50-500 ipm
12. Welding Amperage Range: 20-220 A (230V), 20-140A (115V)


The digital display on the front of the welder makes this really easy to use. It’s especially handy if you aren’t experienced enough to remember the settings, and it gets you ready to start welding in no time at all. It also talks you through the setup with a simple to understand userface.

The 210 is essentially 4 different welders merged into one tidy unit, as it has the capabilities of a small MIG welder, a large MIG welder, and the ability to perform Sick or TIG welding (and also FCAW). If you want to use if for TIG welding, you just have to connect your TIG torch to the DC negative terminal and group clamp. You then simply change the digital controls to TIG, confirm your gas is connected and you’re ready to TIG weld. Stick follows a similarly simple process.

If you’re looking to weld aluminum, then you can MIG weld aluminum with this using a spool gun but not with TIG.


The 210 is versatile and has dual input voltage meaning you can plug it into 115V or 230V power supply. The power output ranges from 20-140A (120V) and 20-220A (230V).

You also get a good duty cycle with the Lincoln 210, with 40% at 100A and 25% at 200A, which is a fair bit better than a lot of the other 115V input welders. One bonus is that there are 2 fans in the back of the welder help it to keep cool.

This welder has a fair bit of power and when MIG welding you tackle up to 5/16″ stainless steel, and aluminum up to 3/16 ” (spool gun needed for aluminum). The flux-cored feature is better for the thickest metals and the DC Stick settings will take up to 5/32 ” electrodes.


This machine is super portable as it weighs just 40 pounds because of its inverter technology. This is much lighter than the older transformer designs and it’s really light for such a great welder. This makes on-site welding so much easier and is a great choice for any contract welders.

If portability isn’t much of a concern because you’re only welding in one location, and if you don’t need the 115V/230V input options then it might be worth looking at something like the Ironman 230 instead.


They’ve been around a few years now and haven’t shown any signs of unreliability so far – but let’s be honest did anyone really think they would? This is cheaper than the more industrial welders, without being a million miles away in terms of performance. The extra features are a big bonus with this as well. Its design makes it an excellent choice for beginners who are looking for the all round package. The only problem is that it might be a bit expensive for your average hobbyist, but if you’re looking to upgrade from your 140A welder then I seriously recommend this.

The machine also comes with the Lincoln 3 year warranty should something go wrong, but Lincoln welders are usually very reliable. If you want to protect your investment further, than you can pay around an extra $100 and extend the warranty by a couple of years.


  • “Ready. Set. Weld” Digital Display
  • Inverter Technology
  • Magnum® PRO 175L Gun, 10 ft. (3.0 m)
  • 120V and 230V Input Cables
  • Work Cable and Clamp Electrode Holder
  • Regulator
  • Gasless Nozzles
  • Gun Cable Liner (pre-installed in gun)
  • Spindle Adapter Sample 2 lb (0.90 kg)
  • Spool of SuperArc® L-56® Mild Steel MIG Wire Sample 1 lb (0.45 kg)
  • Spool Innershield® NR®-211-MP Flux-Cored Wire 0.025 in. (0.6 mm)
  • 0.035 in. (0.9 mm) Contact Tips


  • Easy to transport (weighs just 40lbs)
  • Visual display easily walks user through the setup
  • Automatically selects correct settings based on variables
  • Compatible with a foot pedal for TIG
  • Dual input voltage
  • Can use multiple welding processes


  • Not ideal for TIG and is more suited to MIG. No AC for TIG aluminum.
  • Expensive for beginners
  • Power lead is quite short


 Who Should Buy This?

The Lincoln 210 is a solid long term choice that’s suited really well for beginners who want the option to grow their range of welding processes without having to invest in a new machine down the line. It’s not the best suited machine for TIG, but it’s a great that it has that feature and it’s a good way to get started in TIG. Overall it’s a powerful machine that’s versatile, easy to use, and you’re sure to enjoy it!

Lincoln PowerMIG 210 MP
  • Value
  • Power
  • Build Quality
  • Features
  • Performance

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