Miller Millermatic 211 Review

Miller Millermatic 211 Review


The Millermatic 211 is an expertly manufactured dual voltage welder that welds up to 3/8″ steel and aluminum. The welder allows for MIG and Flux-cored processes and has a load of extra features which focus on reduced setup times and extremely well-crafted parts.

miller millermatic 211Specifications:

1. Brand name: Miller
2. Model: Millermatic 211
3. Height: 12.5 in.
4. Length: 20.5 in.
5. Width: 11.25 in.
6. Duty Cycle: 40% @ 150A (240V) ) & 20% @ 115A (120V)
7. Input Voltage: 230V
8. Process Type: Flux Cored, MIG
9. Product weight: 38lb.
10. Weld Thickness: 24 ga. – 3/16 in (120v), 24ga – 3/8 in (240V).
11. Wire Feed Speed Range: 60-600 IPM
12. Welding Amperage Range: 30-230 A


One of the best features of the 211 is the Advanced Autoset feature. On the front of the panel there are some simple options to get you up and welding in no time at all. Firstly you select the wire diameter, from 0.24″, 0.30″ and 0.35″, once this is done then a blue LED will light up on the right of the panel to show you that Auto-set is initiated. You also need to select the process type, here there are five options: Flux-cored, MIG stainless steel, MIG steel C25 (for 25% carbon shielding gas), MIG steel C100 (for 100% carbon shielding gas) or MIG aluminum. Finally you select the metal thickness. Once you inputted these, the Autoset feature sets you up perfectly for welding and the parameters it chooses are absolutely spot on. As a user I have to say the way it sets up and how the arc performs is as good as you can get. It also makes setup much quicker and easier.

The machine is nice and simple to open up, and when you look inside you’ll see some nice new features. The wire drive system is really well made from cast aluminum and is raised at a slight angle. This makes it so the wire is easier to pull off the spool and feed. Another feature is the quick select drive roll. There are three grooves for your wire, meaning all you need to do is turn it and you can change spools with minimum effort. There are two grooves for MIG wire and one for flux-cored.

Another neat little extra is the ‘Auto Spool Gun Detect’, which automatically detects whether you’re using a MIG or a spool gun is connected eliminating the need for a switch. It feels like Miller have put a lot of effort to get all the little things right with this.


The 211 is dual-voltage, so you can use it on both 120V and 240V power input. This is really useful if you think you might be welding in different environments because you can use your household power supply or plug into a generator. Miller have designed the 211 so it’s really easy to change between the two types. All you need to do is turn the ring on the back or the plug, then simply pull it off and replace it with the other one. You don’t need any tools to do this and can do it in literally a matter of seconds.

For 120V power input you can expect to weld from 24ga – 3/16″ steel and 18ga – 1/8″ aluminum in a single pass. The duty cycle is 20% @115A, which is decent. At 240V input you can weld 24ga – 3/8″ steel and 18ga – 3/8″ aluminum. The duty cycle is 40% @150A.

In the 211 there’s a ‘Fan-On-Demand’ power source cooling system which turns on only when the welder needs cooling. This is to reduce waste energy and noise produced by the machine.


One of the first features you’ll notice about this is how light it is. It weighs an incredible 38lbs because it uses inverter technology. Despite its low weight, it’s a decent size and you can fit a 10lb spool of wire inside it. There’s a handle in the middle on top of the machine to pick it up, and you can also carry it by gripping the handles at front and rear of the top of the welder. Overall you shouldn’t have any trouble with moving this about, which is a great advantage of a versatile welder.


The price is about $200 more expensive than the Hobart 210 and is more similar to the price of the Lincoln 210. This isn’t surprising because it does have a few extra features, most notably the inverter technology and the autoset feature. Both are solid buys so it really just comes down to your budget. The 211 also comes with the 3 years true blue warranty to protect your purchase.


  • Smooth-Start technology enables a smooth start to the weld without spatter
  • Advanced auto-set feature for reduced set up time
  • Inverter technology which makes the machine much lighter
  • Multi-voltage plug which is easy to connect
  • Cast aluminum drive which looks very durable and is angled.
  • Quick select drive for reduced set up time
  • Fan on demand to reduce waste energy
  • Auto spool/mig gun detect
  • Detailed door chart
  • Thermal overload protection activates when the duty cycle is exceeded.


  • Versatile with dual voltage plug that’s simple to change
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • High quality welds with smooth arc
  • Reduced set up time thanks to additional features


  • A bit on the expensive side (but still good value).
  • Duty cycle isn’t amazing, but still good enough for most DIY welders & better than the Hobart 210.
  • Ground clamp is a bit flimsy


Who Should Buy This?

The Millermatic 211 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to achieve excellent quality MIG welds across a range of different environments and metal thicknesses. This features in this design are incredibly appealing to anyone looking to reduce setup time, and it’s all been put together with an extremely high manufacturing standard and attention to detail. It’s easy to carry about and the autoset feature works perfectly.

Miller Millermatic 211
  • Value
  • Power
  • Build Quality
  • Features
  • Performance

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  1. ReplyDaniel
    John, scratch my previous comment. Its wrong. Miller's information is ambiguous and misleading! The settings on the front of the welder clearly state that the welder "requires multiple passes" for 3/16, which directly conflicts with their spec sheet. I only have the spec sheet & documentation to go on as I haven't yet purchased a welder. I only happened on this in one of their videos where I caught a glimpse of the labeling in a close up shot of the machine. Apologies. I will bite the bullet and buy the more expensive 211.

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